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Here’s the second installment of the “How to Read the Bible” series I’ve been storyboarding and illustrating for The Bible Project. This episode, “The Story of the Bible,” tries to sum up the whole shebang in five minutes and eleven seconds!

Because this short video progressed in such huge leaps, we tried to unify it with the patterned repetition of a few types of shot composition…most notably the “fork in the road” motif that ties it all together.

For me, the backgrounds were the most fun on this video. I enjoyed coming up with various iterations of the gray Babylon/Rome and the glittering purpleĀ Jerusalem/God’s Kingdom. Perhaps the most fun was paintingĀ the ten commandments in progressive stages of dilapidation.

This also features the most intensive frame-by-frame animation I’ve ever done, showing the electrocuted prophet getting up from the ground, watching his people get carried off into exile, and sitting patiently on a rock. I’m such a noob–the more I learn about animation, the more I realize I still have to learn! I had to film myself acting to figure out some of these postures.

Here are a few other beauties from the video, including some behind-the-scenes stuff and assets that may have gone by too fast for you to get a good look at.

Kudos once again to animator PMurphy for bringing (most of) it to life. His incredible sequence of the Garden of Eden coalescing out of the watery chaos was inspired by the storm-at-sea paintings of JMW Turner.

Be sure to check back in a handful of weeks for episode three, which will delve into even more areas of art history! I’m as happy as a kid with a new box of crayons.