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Round about page 35 or 40 of this comic, I started using my webcam to photograph myself for visual reference. Many of these pictures are deleted immediately, as they are embarrassing and weird-looking, but some of them have continued to rattle around my desktop. My friend proposed I make a contest of it, so here we go:

Root through the archives of this comic and match the above photos of yours truly to the images derived from them – it’s not very hard. Send your answers to, including the word “contest” somewhere in the subject line, and listing page, panel, and character name in the following format:

A.) Page 34, Panel 7, Ernesto Alvarez
B.) Page 173, Panel 4, Aynot: Tonya’s evil twin sister

If the character has no name, give some other description. If the page is not broken into distinct panels, describe what general part of the page the image is on.

From every one who responds by November 15th and gets all six correct, I will select one name at random, drawn from a sombrero. First prize will be a new, original piece of SNitLoE art, in black and white. You can request a specific drawing (subject to my veto!) or ask me to make something up. I’ll draw it and mail it to you before Christmas.

Good luck y’all!

P.S. Just for S’s and G’s, here is a reference photo I took last night for page 100. Not exactly a spoiler – I’m merely assuring you that our heroes will still be yelling and freaking out about everything twenty pages from now.