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Today I posted the last page of the comic! This page is respectfully dedicated to the Uni-Ball“Vision” Fine-Width Pen which died heroically in its creation.

When I wrote the first draft of SNitLoE in the spring of 2009, the enormous march on Washington described in the final scene was just wishful thinking on my part. I was irritated that all of my generation’s righteous outrage during the Bush years had ultimately proven so impotent, and that when we finally did mobilize for a cause, the cause was getting a Democrat elected president instead. The DC protest I marched in during the Troop Surge of ’07 was well attended, but shamed by the epic crowds at the Obama inauguration. A nasty spiritual concoction, equal parts naive triumphalism and cynical despondence, utopian escapism and hoarse-voiced fury, seemed to soak us children of the 80s, and I feared we would soon sell out just like the Boomers. So I made a comic about it. (Sorry, Boomers – you know I love you!)

How could I have guessed that two springs later young people all around the world would rise up and fulfill my leftist fantasy? The crowds I’ve drawn on the Washington Mall don’t seem so unbelievable after Syntagma, Madison, and Puerta del Sol. Maybe I should have named Kafir “Tahrir” instead!