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I drew this pinup for the Dark Horse comic Buzzkill. This four-issue miniseries, both one of the funniest and the saddest I’ve had the privilege to work on as an assistant editor, is about a superhero named Ruben who derives his powers from drinking alcohol and who enters a 12-step program to get clean.

Buzzkill Pinup

I really enjoyed throwing together this motley group of generic supervillains. The cowboy hippo in the upper right has been a big hit. Because of the way the colors fade, he looks a little bit like a ghost cowboy hippo. “Roooooben! You may have killed me, but I will haunt you till the end of yer daaaaays!”

Here are preliminary steps in the drawing:




Buzzkill #1 is written by Donny Cates and Toadies drummer Mark Reznicek, drawn by the incredible Geoff Shaw, and colored by Lauren Affe, whose pallet I shamelessly stole for this illustration. It goes on sale September 18th in comic book stores everywhere!