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I’m really excited to debut this site for my in-progess graphic novel, “Savage Nobles in the Land of Enchantment.” A big thanks to Erika Moen and the other folks at Periscope Studio who convinced me that I should put this online as I was working on it, instead of just waiting until it was finished, printing it, and selling it like some 20th-century hack.

I began drawing “SNitLoE” in March of 2009, so all of the pages you see for the next several weeks were already drawn many months ago. During much of the past year, I was way too busy with work at Local Roots Farm and Periscope to produce more than a trickle of a few pages a month, but since I’m now dedicating myself to cartooning “full-time,” you can expect a much more robust output. Three pages a week, to be precise!

Just to get you started, I’ve posted the first twenty pages in bulk. They’ll introduce you to the members of the band and take you from their show in Las Cruces, NM to a cheap motel on the outskirts of town. I’m pretty excited to post the next few scenes – setting the grounds for a really sharp turn in the story in about ten pages.