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Hey Apostrophobiphiles! If you read this blog then you’ve probably heard all about my graphic novel Savage Nobles in the Land of Enchantment, which is now available in print. I’m having a release party on Saturday, October 1st from 4-6pm at Cosmic Monkey Comics in NE Portland, OR. Below is the flyer for that event:

I am sort of please with the artwork for this flyer and sort of not. I think I am getting a better and better “knack” for composition. A big help was reading Framed Ink: Drawing and Composition for Visual Storytellers by Marcos Mateu-Mestre. He has truly amazing skills at designing compositions that are clear, pleasing, and intuitively comprehensible, even when depicting complicated action. He also has a somewhat sketchy, digital graywash style that looks so effortless it must be affected. Since “Framed Ink” is mostly geared towards storyboarding, I found myself wanting to design a SNitLoE scene with a short, wide frame like a movie screen.

(click for larger version)

So while I think the composition is basically sound, I have a lot of qualms about the artwork itself. While I’m glad I rendered the desert mountain beyond a simple sandy mass, I think I might have gone too far the other way – the characters, especially Theo, get lost among the jumble of lines in the rocks. Somehow I am not differentiating enough with my inking between “flesh,” “cloth” and “rocks.” The blacks are not well placed. There’s something wrong with pretty much every single hand in the picture, and some of the proportions are way off. Oh well, it’s just for a flyer that’ll probably get torn down anyway!

Two things to note: Yes, “algebraic” is misspelled – I corrected it on the finished flyer. And no, a scene like this never occurs in the actual story – but neither does the scene I drew for the cover of the book. Only Tonya and Greg discover Utopiopolis, and they are not dressed that way when they do.