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Boy oh boy did it feel good to draw something other than Savage Nobles in the Land of Enchantment, I can’t even begin to tell ya. This comic is for the “Summer” issue of Stumptown Underground and draws heavily on my own personal experience living in Brooklyn 4th-floor walk-up apartment during the summer of 2007.

Following the lead of Benjamin Dewey, here are my thumbnails (more like toenails!) for those of you interested in my, ahem, process. A big, special thanks to everyone at Barry Deutch‘s Graphic Writers’ Workgroup for looking these over. They gave me the idea to add the scent-lines on page one, and the idea to make the protagonist black. Guys, if you read this and notice I didn’t take your other suggestions, it’s not because they were bad! It’s because I’m stubborn!

Aside from personal experience, my main inspiration for this comic was Will Eisner, the man who evoked New York City, in all its glitz and gristle, better than any cartoonist ever has or ever will. Eisner’s short-story anthology, “New York: The Big City” undoubtedly did more to get me into comics than any other book. Will Eisner also drew the world’s most beautiful picture of a pile of uncollected garbage. Look at this:

Without any irony, I can call that beautiful. I can only dream of one day handling graywash the way Eisner did.

To close things out, here’s my number one summer jam. There are a lot of songs that remind me of summer in New York City (i.e. pretty much any track on Sublime’s self-titled album, a perennial campus favorite on the first warm day of the year), but this song by is actually about summer in New York City! Read my comic again while listening to this!