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For April Fools Day I thought I’d treat my SNitLoE readers to a false ending that was only slightly more of a disappointing cop-out than the final season of LOST. From the writing point of view, I think we can all agree that there’s pretty much nothing worse than the “it was all a dream” ending. Don’t worry, kids, I’ve got a much better conclusion in store.

From the artistic point of view, there are two fun things about this page. I got to redraw Tonya’s bolting-awake pose from page 38. That page was drawn around November of 2009, and it’s pretty obvious my drawing as gotten a lot better.

Tonya’s head used to be basically a guitar pick with a face, which is how I had been drawing womens’ heads ever since high school. I’ve got a much better understanding of the skull now, and I’ve done a good job eschewing the cartoonist’s problem of “chronic C-mouth,” even if many of my mouths still don’t look quite right. My below-the-neck anatomy has improved too, as Tonya now has a torso and not just shoulders coming out of her boobs. In fact, I like pretty much everything about this second drawing better. And I had damn well better, since it’s the result of more than a year’s worth of practice! However, I already see things that need a lot of work in the more recent drawing -the muscles of the arm (I am still faking it), the folds in the sleeve, something about the way the nose connects to the upper lip. There are so many places where “not quite right” is almost worse than “completely wrong.”

There is a panel on this page about which I have no complaints:

Though there are many figures in government I dislike, Jan Brewer is the first politician since President Bush the very sight of whom actually triggers in me revulsion. This has nothing to do with her actual appearance – she’s basically a standard issue older white lady, with perhaps whiter teeth than most. No, my revulsion stems entirely from Gov. Brewer’s passage of the racist SB 1070 law, her inexcusable fearmongering, and her absurd and xenophobic lies. (I also don’t like her regressive tax policies, her cancellation of crucial state benefit programs like AZ children’s health insurance, or her shameless complicity with the private prison giant Corrections Corporation of America, but unfortunately none of these practices make her unique among U.S. governors.)

There are a lot of funny things about Brewer on the internet, funny videos of her getting tangled up in her own idiotic rhetoric, often to the point where she just totally shuts down and stares blankly like a moron… giving a certain Alaskan a run for her money in the race to be the most unqualified gubernatorial ditz.

But remember, George Bush also said and did a lot of stupid, amusing, ridiculous things. Neither Bush nor Brewer are idiots. And as a Christian, I don’t maintain that either of them is in any constitutive sense evil. But they are both totally incorrect in their beliefs. Bush and his ilk wreaked havoc on the last American decade, and it’s people like Brewer, with their careless alarmism, who could potentially destroy this one.


I suppose the lesson I want you to take away is that, if your state elects (or, sigh, re-elects) a governor like Jan Brewer, you should figure out a way to impeach him or her. Failing this, you should draw a comic book where all the bad guys are beefy immigration cops/ corporate prison guards and the good guys are square-jawed immigrant rights activists.