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(Before I decided to make this a comic-book cover, I wanted it to be a movie poster.)

“Larry, baby! Got a new idea for St. Patty’s Day. Yeah, I know, who can care any more? He’s an old dead saint, grey beard, lotta robes. The kids ain’t exactly beating down the doors for this fella’s autograph, am I right? So here’s how I see it: we go darker and edgier. Think “300” meets “Anaconda,” in 5th century Ireland! Ol’ Pat himself is three parts Kratos from “God of War” and one part Boondock Saint… a total badass! He’s gotta rescue the pagan princess from the coils of a cobra voiced by Sean Connery – she’s Keira Knightley from “King Arthur,” but with a D-cup. A comical CGI leprechaun? Sure, I guess that’d work. Howabout I give Marlon Wayans a call? Think it over – we’ll do lunch!”

By the way, the black-and-white original for this picture, though flawed (what’s with his right arm? You call that foreshortening?) is still probably one of the best things I’ve ever drawn. Because of this, and because I am broke as a 5th-century pagan, I am selling it on my etsy page for $25. Consider snatching it up! Proceeds will go toward the health insurance I have to buy because I don’t live in Ireland.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone. I hope it’s BRUTAL!!!!1!