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I’m working really hard on some elaborate SNitLoE scenes and a pin-up for St. Patrick’s Day right now, so I don’t have much to post besides this quick sketch of famous Wisconsin senator Robert La Follette. This guy was amazing! I feel his spirit must still somehow be stalking the capitol building in Madison, as the protesters and workers occupying the building honor his legacy by fighting for union rights, and Republican legislators trample his grave.

Wisconsin brought our nation its first workman’s comp program, its first unemployment insurance program, its first statewide election primaries, and its first state income tax. Looks like it’s your turn to lead the way again, cheeseheads. Stick it to the bastards… the nation and the restless spirit of “Fighting Bob” are watching.

Below: results from the 1924 presidential election. La Follette had 17% of the popular vote!