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I had to take a break from my Years of Rice and Salt illustrations because I was falling waaaay behind on Savage Nobles in the Land of Enchantment, which is still my #1 drawing priority, at least for another 35 pages, damn it all.

This heartwrenching spread is for the upcoming issue of Stumptown Underground, with the extremely unfortunate theme of “breakups.” Pick it up at a comic store near you and enjoy more mopey, Craig Thomson-y navel-gazing than anybody ever thought you’d need. Then buck the hell up and draw something for April’s issue, which will be about “friendship,” thank goodness.

And just in case you want to still believe in love, check out the hot lip-lockin’ action in today’s installment of “SNitLoE.” Looks like Theo’s found the universal language, ho ho!

See you soon with more art!