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Guys, great news! I’ve decided what my next graphic novel will be:

“The Li’lest Nobles,” a heartwarming children’s adventure about the Savage Nobles as BABIES. When their wagon becomes mired in the sandbox, their only hope of getting home in time for dinner is THE POWER OF IMAGINATION!

But shouldn’t Theo be like a teenager already?

Okay, seriously, this was a lot of fun to draw (especially since I pencilled most of it while on the clock at my barista job). I’m totally indebted to Aaron McConnell for the idea. Aaron drew a hilarious image of Marvel’s team of reformed supervillains, the Thunderbolts, as teeny tiny adowable widdle kids.

Aaron has had the disastrous good luck of becoming well known for drawing in the very narrow genre of Non-Fiction American History Comics. That’s because he does it very well, but he’s SUPER-diverse and I hate to see him straightjacketed into what can be a pretty staid style (as I guess comics about Civil War massacres, the founding of banks, etc. should be) when he is capable of such wonderful lunacy as well.