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That’s right, the ghosts are Klansmen! How’s that for dark?

I pencilled these pages in a burst of New-Yearsy determination two weekends ago during a visit from Vancouver cartoonists Wei Li and Vanessa Kelly, two people who don’t mind if you look down while you talk to them (my kinda people!). I let the comic languish uninked until today, when I was home from work with a seriously nasty cold.

I’ll be submitting “The Misadventures of Herschel Pachman” to the video-game-themed February issue of Stumptown Underground.

I have a few friends and acquaintances who draw lots of video game characters or vg-related art, and I’m pretty much in awe of what they do. Drawing only these four pages has convinced me that I probably do not have what it takes to do justice to the intricate designs of these types of characters. I really phoned it in on Sonic the Hedgehog, and only got away with the guy from “Dig Dug” (in the breadline behind Zelda’s Link) because that character is so pixellated already that nobody seems to know or care what he actually looks like – I certainly don’t. But otherwise, I’m actually quite pleased with how this comic turned out!