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Okay, so I am pushing my own envelope and trying to draw a popular superhero character, not because I actually like that kinda thing, just because I want to learn from it. These are NOT YET but are GONNA BE pages 8 and 9 from Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #58. The script was provided courtesy of its writer, the generous Paul Tobin. It was professionally penciled by Ben Dewey (who finally has the website he deserves- keep refreshing the homepage!) I have made a point not to look at Ben’s art though, yet.

Professional opinion seems to be that the layout and storytelling are pretty good, but the figures need a ton of work and Spiderman’s shoulders are really narrow. I’m gonna take some photo-reference tonight and try to get better-proportioned people and more believable poses, and I’ll post it again when it’s inked. Coming up with something to post every day is HARD.