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NOTE: The color errors in yesterday’s post have been amended!

Here’s a group portrait of the Supreme Anarchist Council from G.K. Chesterton’s The Man Who Was Thursday:

Back Row: Gogol aka “Tuesday,” Pole who does not enjoy “goncealment.” “…out of this collar there sprang a head quite unmanageable and quite unmistakable, a bewildering bush of brown hair and beard that almost obscured the eyes like those of a Skye terrier. But the eyes did look out of the tangle, and they were the sad eyes of a sad Russian serf.”

“The Secretary” aka “Monday” “…his smile was a shock, for it was all on one side, going up in the right scheek and down in the left.”

Front Row: Dr. Bull aka “Saturday” “They took away the key to his face. You could not tell what his smile or his gravity meant… Those black discs were dreadful to Syme; they reminded him of half-remembered ugly tales, of some story about pennies being put on the eyes of the dead… Syme even had the thought that his eyes might be covered up because they were too frightful to see.”

Professor de Worms aka “Friday” “…as if some drunken dandies had put their clothes upon a corpse… it did not express decrepitude merely, but corruption.”

Gabriel Syme aka “Thursday” Not an anarchist – an undercover agent for Scotland Yard.

The Marquis de St. Eustache aka “Wednesday” “the man carried a rich atmosphere with him, a rich atmosphere that suffocated. It reminded one irrationally of drowsy odours and of dying lamps in the darker poems of Byron and Poe.

For this image I forwent the brushy ink style I naturally favor and tried thin lines, artificially colored. I’m shooting for the look of animation on this one.