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These panels of the band dancing around the motel room were really fun to draw. Still unschooled in the ways of computer-based drawing, I had to make sure the furniture lined up the same between panels using old fashioned geometry and a t-square. Pages 22 and 23 specifically were done last July, when a record-breaking BRUTAL HEATWAVE in Washington forced all of us farmers to work from sunup till lunch, take a six hour swimming/siesta break, and resume work from sundown until it was dark. Since the afternoons transformed my trailer into a broiling aluminum coffin of death, I would high-tail it over to the Carnation library, spread my art supplies annoyingly over the table, and draw in the comfort of state-funded air-conditioning until dusk – or until the zucchini started dying, whichever came first.


Thanks everybody for bumping up the numbers on my site – it’s been really heartening. I can’t wait to see what happens when I introduce a plot!