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Release Party Re-cap

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A big thanks to everybody who came out to my release event at Cosmic Monkey. It was wonderful to see/meet you all! Here are some pictures from Saturday night, taken by my friend Matt Cruz.

There aren’t a lot of pictures of me here because my head was constantly bent over as a I drew doodles on people’s title pages.

Here are some celebrities holding my books – click the images for giganto versions.

Stumptown Underground editor and zinestress Katie Ash. The one and only Hopskotch SunDAY! In the background you can see my housemate (and caterer) Katy Ellis O’Brien.
Hereville author Barry Deutches. Barry led the Comic Creators meetup group that workshopped many of SNitLoE’s later pages. Jake Richmond, who draws an adorable/horrifying webcomic called Modest Medusa. He also led the meetup with Barry.
Kevin Wilson, who draws Titanzer and also provided my button-making supplies. Ron Chan, who hangs his hat at Periscope Studio where I used to intern.

So BY THE WAY there was an error in the printing that I didn’t notice until after the release party. Page 176 is where page 176 should be, but it’s ALSO where page 76 should be. I am 90% sure this was a mistake on the part of the printers, but they have been so accommodating I’m not going to give them a hard time about it. Anyway, all the copies I sell from now on will have the correct page 76 inserted discreetly in the proper place – you probably won’t even notice unless you feel the scotch tape.

Lastly, here is a picture of me being happy and a picture of my friend Alan doing his best Kafir impression:



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