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Bride of the Water God Fan Art

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Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. Symphony Number Six is chugging along (slowly) but I took some time out this weekend to do some fan-art for Bride of the Water God, a deceptively compelling manhwa by Mi-Kyung Yun, published in English by Dark Horse. (“manhwa” is, I believe, Korean for “twelve educations of the adulterous winter,” but I might have that wrong.)

Bride of the Water God fan art

I drew the titular water god, Habaek. He’s a pretty interesting character – short-tempered, haughty, but also quite loving. He’s trapped in the past in more ways than one – figuratively because he can’t move on from his ill-fated first marriage to a human woman, and literally because every day when the sun rises his body transforms into that of a small child.

BotWG has more wrist-grabbing than I’ve ever seen in a comic or anywhere else. A panel of a wrist being gripped by somebody’s hand occurs probably 7 or 8 times an issue! Sometimes it’s erotic, sometimes it’s violent, sometimes it’s humorous. Mi-Kyung Yun clearly loves to draw grabbed wrists!

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February Figure Drawing

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I went figure drawing with the Periscopalians yesterday. Erika Moen hired a terrific-looking model. I’m please with some of the rapider sketches, but as we transitioned to longer studies my still-lingering inadequacies as a draftsman became more apparent. I was sitting on the floor for most of this, so my point-of-view resulted in some funny foreshortening.



Here are Steve Lieber’s renderings of the same subject – can you tell where he was sitting in relation to me?

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