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I’m Still Drawing, I Promise!

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This month I began my next comic, “Symphony Number Six.” Since it’ll only be 32 pages long, I’ll be releasing it all at once and won’t be maintaining a regularly-updated website as I did for SNitLoE. But for my friends who want a behind-the-scenes peek, I’ll be posting the occasional panel on this blog. Here’s panel one:



Yes, I am once again beginning a comic with a car driving toward the horizon. Looks a lot better than last time though, huh?

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New Years Revolutions

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"New Year's Revolutions"

Man, what an amazing year! From January to December, I was filled with so much hope, even though many movements met brutal opposition and the struggle still continues everywhere. Here’s to the People in 2012!

From left to right, Juventud Sin Futuro (Spain); South Sudanese secession (South Sudan); “Russia Will Be Free” (Russia); Camila Vallejo, Communist student leader and leftist dreamgirl of the decade (Argentina); Generic Union Guy; Old Man 2011 with Baby 2012; “Islam is a religion of Justice and Tolerance” (Tunisia); Egyptian Revolution (Egypt, where hundreds of protestors swept up their own mess); Wall Street Occupier (U.S.A.); “Indignants in Syntagma” (Greece); Madison, Wisconsin Occupier (U.S.A.)

Happy New Year! Proletarier aller Länder vereinigt Euch!

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